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First time coming UH, surpprised we, we don't even have a students forum or bbs. Is it a school policy? If not, then I try to setted up one now. For fun and for many helping reasons under are some of :
1. I didn't find a good source to find a off-compus housing, many information in student housing referal were old and useless. I spent 4 days to search this area and met several potential lanlords, and astonished by some "cells" they offered to students about $500 and up to live in, possible illegal constructs. Those good housing information ususally would be provided by students forum in many schools.
2. I didn't find a good place to get used textbook and second hand materials except the bookstore. And at there, used books are still so expensive, of course. I need more things, second hand bikes or cars, other used valued items passing from senior students to junior students.

So, it might be a good idea to make a site like this. But unfortunately, as a LLM, I only have 1 year in UH, hope more people could join me to continue this project, then we pass the administative jobs to ones after another. This is Neither intend to form any student organization or association now, Nor going to consider doing so in future, I think.

Technically, making a website is such a easy thing today, working out a good plan then enforce it, and to do maintaining works are much more difficult, more important.

Thank you for visiting.


UHM email: gaows@hawaii.edu

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